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Tips On Beating The Coronavirus

Face Mask or Hand Sanitiser? How to Beat the Coronavirus! With conspiracy theories, intertwined with apocalyptic…

Overcoming A Fear Of Flying To Travel

fear of flying

It has never been easier to book a trip on a plane than it is today….

What is Yellow Fever And Where Can I Get Vaccinated?

yellow fever

Yellow fever is a severe infection spread through the bite of mosquitoes that will mainly bite…

Who Needs A Meningitis B Vaccination?

meningitis B

Following a spate of recent meningitis B cases and unfortunate fatalities in the South West, it’s…

Need Travel Medicines And Vaccinations?

Travel Medicines

Planning A Trip Abroad? Are you taking a gap-year, school trip, holiday, religious pilgrimage or planning…

Why Get The Chickenpox Jab?


Chickenpox – that word says it all. Any parent who have received a message on the…

Vaccinations And Measles In The UK


The UK is seeing more cases of measles and recently lost its WHO Measles free status….

Summer Festival Health Tips –  Essential Tips for staying healthy

Summer Festival Health Tips

Summer Festival Health Tips –  Essential Tips for staying healthy The weather may be unpredictable, and…