Summer Festival Health Tips –  Essential Tips for staying healthy

The weather may be unpredictable, and the ticket prices eye-watering but attending a summer music festival to enjoy your favourite band is a  cultural rite of passage, so here are a few Summer Festival Health Tips.

Summer Festival Health Tips

Summer Festival Health Tips

So who put these Summer Festival Health Tips together? Well, our experienced pharmacy team of course!

And why did they put these Summer Festival Health Tips together? To ensure you had a great time but also to ensure you don’t suffer from a bad back, trench-foot, sunburn, hayfever and stomach upset!:

  • Care for your back- A sturdy and weatherproof bag for clothes and larger items alongside a smaller bag for daytime is a good idea. Consider walking distances and travel plan when deciding what to take with you.
  • Take care of your feet – If the weather disappoints you may find yourself standing soaked in a muddy dirt-laden field. The risk of nail and foot infections makes the trusty welly boot, not only a festival fashion statement but a wise footwear choice. Comfortable and dry must win the day.
  • Protect your skin and eyes– Sun protection, moisturisers and sunglasses will protect against the sun rays to that cause sunburn, skin and eye damage. Confused about which cream to buy? Come and chat with us. Cleaning wipes are a godsend, (preferably recyclable ones). You will find them excellent for both time and convenience. Wear UV protecting eyeshades.
  • Don’t let hay fever symptoms ruin your time. We can recommend effective non-expensive remedies
  • Take care of your stomach- Festival food can be a shock to your system so be prepared. Alongside drinking plenty of water, take probiotics ahead of and during your trip to protect your tummy. Anti-diarrhoea and oral rehydration tablets are great to carry along just in case.
  • Please do not buy or take any ‘energy’ or ‘relaxing’ tablets offered while away. Your life may depend on it.
    Increasingly festivals have also been associated with outbreaks of meningitis and cases of measles.

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